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  1. Throw aunt mildred down the stairs

    Relative Injured at your Home

    by admin

    What happens when a relative is injured at your home?  Will your home insurance pay for their injuries?  Find out as Dirk and Canon investigate if coverage applies. No senior citizens were injured in the production of this

  2. Burn a house down son!

    Dirk and Canon Episode 1 Arson

    by admin

    Arson is such a terrible crime.  What would happen if someone broke into your home and intentionally burned it down? Would your insurance cover you? You might assume so unless of course you were the one lighting the match! (And got busted.) Do you remember what your sixth-grade English teacher told you when you assume things? Do we really need to spell it out for you? The real truth is that some forms of arson are not covered by insurance! How would you know which form of arson is

  3. robert gets the shock of his life

    Power Surge-Covered by Insurance?

    by admin

    Power surges may be somewhat more common than what most people believe, especially is that true when our handy-dandy installation experts are assigned to install sensitive and expensive electronic equipment for one Robert E. Shanks. Robert decided to surprise his wife with an expensive 3-D plasma TV.  As a retired NFL   offensive tackle Robert is all thumbs when it comes to electronics.  He hired a company to install his wife's anniversary gift before she arrives home from visiting her

  4. Image Not Available 0:54

    Dirk and Canon Pre-season Teaser

    by admin

    Dirk and Canon - World's First Insurance Detective Agency! Have you ever wondered whether or not something was covered by your insurance? You lend your car to your best friend Jimmies girlfriend because she just wrecked her car after passing out at the wheel from a night out with the girls, totaling her car... When you hand your car keys over to Jimmy who then gives the car keys to his girlfriend after she gets out of jail from her second there a lingering question in the back

  5. airplane-crash :09

    Dirk and Canon – Jet Plane Lands on Car

    by admin

    Question from Chat line: Will a military jet plane landing on my car be covered by my car insurance? Dirk: It depends. You said a military plane landed on your car? (Canon raises his eyebrows) Chat Line: On Saturday afternoon I was driving to the store for my wife, and my neighbor Bernie decided to go with me, well out of the blue I see this military jet airplane it seems like it's in trouble, in fact it’s on fire the next thing I know the airplane crashed on the road right front of us

  6. canonball-car-thumb :18

    Dirk and Canon – Pre-seaon – Wrecking Ball Accident

    by admin

    Chat question: My office is near an abandoned construction site and as I was leaving for work, a wrecking ball fell on top of my car smashing it flat, am I covered?  Dirk: After reviewing our spy camera footage it does indeed look like your car was smashed flat  Chat line: Spy camera footage?  Dirk: Er, nothing, you were saying that your car was smashed by wrecking ball and you were wondering if you're covered by your insurance?  Canon: That car was smashed flatter than a cookie

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  1. Dirk and Canon Insurance Detectives

    Deadbeat Husband Wrecks Car-Claim Denied!

    Policyholder:  Dear Mr. X   My husband and I have been separated for the last year and a half after he moved back to his home state.  He is not very responsible and I have been after him for the last year to get his own insurance.  He is living with the one woman he loves more than anyone, his mom!  So why can’t his mom pay for it since he is such a mama’s boy??   Or at least add him to her policy??  Anyway he must have gone out for drinks and he caused a huge accident last

  2. Dirk and Canon

    Insurance Company Won’t Pay!

    Question adapted from policyholder question on Chat Line. Dirk:  I see we have a new question coming in over the chat line Canon.  Canon:  Looks like a policyholder needs our help.  Ta Da Da DAAA…….  Dirk and Canon Insurance Detectives to the rescue! Dirk:  Please tell us what is on your mind  Policyholder.  You have our undivided attention. Policyholder:  It all started out when my now 22 year old son Alex graduated from college about a year and a half ago and found a

  3. I Forgot to Add My Son

    I Forgot to Add My Son

    Policyholder:  When my son Zach had his temps I called my insurance company see what my premium would be once he got his license. It was going to be an extra $110 per month.  That’s highway robbery!!  Anyway one of my coworkers mentioned that since my cars are already insured on my policy, he would still be covered if he drove my car with my permission.  Is that right? Canon:  Sounds right to me. Dirk:  So is this a hypothetical question or has a claim