Dirk and Canon, World’s First Insurance Detective Agency

Our premier episode is launching October 25th 2012.

Want to understand the truth about insurance?

It’s confusing, complex, and in many cases ridiculously high in cost for the little we really know about insurance. (Dirk and Canon want you to save money on insurance click here for ridiculously cheap insurance rates in all 50 states.)

Dirk and Canon the worlds first insurance detective agency will undue the complexities of insurance with their Edgy, creative, and innovative skills…

They discover whether or not something is covered by insurance with one small catch…They cause the Claim!

They receive assignments from Mr. X.  Mr. X is in charge of a super secret team of Insurance Detectives, Dirk and Canon are his lead detectives, but you will likely meet other members of our Insurance Detective team later.

Ever wonder if insurance would provide coverage in the event:

  •  Vandals break into your home and burn it down?
  •  Faulty workman ship causes a power surge destroying your most valuable and expensive electronic equipment in your home?
  •  Driving on a suspended license and you cause an accident?
  •  A relative is injured at your home when they pay a visit?
  •  Find out your two timing boyfriend is cheating on you with your best friend and you seek revenge by running him over with you car?(hell hath no fury like a woman’s scorn)

These subjects will be thoroughly investigated by our imaginative, innovative and dashing detectives…they will reveal the truth like never before uncovering the mysteries of insurance, lifting the curtain to share the most guarded and carefully kept insurance secrets and they will return with more episodes in the spring of 2013 with your help.

Spread the word, tell your friends, neighbors, workmates, and most especially your Friends list on Facebook how they can uncover the truth about insurance. (Oh, you can also buy insurance from us, we help in any way we can.)

Send us your insurance questions no matter how crazy you (or others) believe they are.

If we use your question in a future episode Dirk and Canon will personally pay you a big fat juicy royalty check for becoming a junior member of our insurance detective team!

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