Deadbeat Husband Wrecks Car-Claim Denied!

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Policyholder:  Dear Mr. X   My husband and I have been separated for the last year and a half after he moved back to his home state.  He is not very responsible and I have been after him for the last year to get his own insurance.  He is living with the one woman he loves more than anyone, his mom! 

So why can’t his mom pay for it since he is such a mama’s boy??   Or at least add him to her policy?? 

Anyway he must have gone out for drinks and he caused a huge accident last month and now the insurance company has sent a denial letter.  He is on my policy as a driver and so is the car.  How can they say there is no coverage, Mr. X?

Canon:  Outta my way son.  I will handle this policyholder’s question.

Dirk:  You?  Handle a policyholder’s question without any help?  This I gotta see.

Canon:  So Ms. Policyholder, tell me what led to the separation between you and your estranged husband.

Mr. X:  Canon!  That is none of your business and has nothing to do with the claim.  Let me explain the reason why your insurance company is not going to cover the claim caused by your husband.   

Many insurance policies read this way:

The terms defined below appear in bold type throughout this policy. You and Your refer to the named insured, which includes the individual named on the Declarations page or that person’s spouse if a resident of the same household. 

If the spouse ceases to be a resident of the same household during the policy period or prior to the inception of this policy, the spouse will be considered You and Your under this policy but only until the earlier of: 

1. The end of 90 days following the spouse’s change of residency;

2. The effective date of another policy listing the spouse as a named insured; or

3. The end of the policy period.

Your Solution to This Scenario?

So if you are separated from your spouse longer than the time period allowed by your insurance policy separate insurance policies should be obtained as a separated spouse may no longer be considered to be an insured under your insurance policy.  (See your individual policy for details for terms, restrictions and or exclusions.)

Policyholder:  I’m going to kill him for not getting his own insurance policy.

Dirk:   Now, now.  Wait until we are filming and we will turn it into an episode of Dirk and Canon, that work?

Canon: Sounds like a plan son, in the meantime policyholder tell your deadbeat husband to give our friends a call at Pathway Insurance. They will hook him up with good coverage. They have mad insurance skills.


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