Deadbeat Husband Wrecks Car-Claim Denied!

November 2nd, 2012

Policyholder:  Dear Mr. X   My husband and I have been separated for the last year and a half after he moved back to his home state.  He is not very responsible and I have been after him for the last year to get his own insurance.  He is living with the one woman he loves more than anyone, his mom! 

So why can’t his mom pay for it since he is such a mama’s boy??   Or at least add him to her policy?? 

Anyway he must have gone out for drinks and he caused a huge accident last month and now the insurance company has sent a denial letter.  He is on my policy as a driver and so is the car.  How can they say there is no coverage, Mr. X?

Canon:  Outta my way son.  I will handle this policyholder’s question.

Dirk:  You?  Handle a policyholder’s question without any help?  This I gotta see.

Canon:  So Ms. Policyholder, tell me what led to the separation between you and your estranged husband.

Mr. X:  Canon!  That is none of your business and has nothing to do with the claim.  Let me explain the reason why your insurance company is not going to cover the claim caused by your husband.   

Many insurance policies read this way:

The terms defined below appear in bold type throughout this policy. You and Your refer to the named insured, which includes the individual named on the Declarations page or that person’s spouse if a resident of the same household. 

If the spouse ceases to be a resident of the same household during the policy period or prior to the inception of this policy, the spouse will be considered You and Your under this policy but only until the earlier of: 

1. The end of 90 days following the spouse’s change of residency;

2. The effective date of another policy listing the spouse as a named insured; or

3. The end of the policy period.

Your Solution to This Scenario?

So if you are separated from your spouse longer than the time period allowed by your insurance policy separate insurance policies should be obtained as a separated spouse may no longer be considered to be an insured under your insurance policy.  (See your individual policy for details for terms, restrictions and or exclusions.)

Policyholder:  I’m going to kill him for not getting his own insurance policy.

Dirk:   Now, now.  Wait until we are filming and we will turn it into an episode of Dirk and Canon, that work?

Canon: Sounds like a plan son, in the meantime policyholder tell your deadbeat husband to give our friends a call at Pathway Insurance. They will hook him up with good coverage. They have mad insurance skills.


Insurance Company Won’t Pay!

October 4th, 2012

Question adapted from policyholder question on Chat Line.

Dirk:  I see we have a new question coming in over the chat line Canon. 

Canon:  Looks like a policyholder needs our help.  Ta Da Da DAAA…….  Dirk and Canon Insurance Detectives to the rescue!

Dirk:  Please tell us what is on your mind  Policyholder.  You have our undivided attention.

Policyholder:  It all started out when my now 22 year old son Alex graduated from college about a year and a half ago and found a job in New York City.  Alex was always on my policy as a driver as I own the car that I allow him to drive.  Well because the cost of insurance in New York City is three times what it is here in Ohio I just kept him on my policy.  After all, it is technically my car he is driving.  He had an accident and was found at fault a couple of months ago and now the insurance company sent me a letter stating that they are refusing to provide coverage.  How can they get away with that??


Policyholder:  Hello, Hello is anyone there?

Canon is seen looking up in a mirror and flossing his teeth.   

Dirk:  Whoops just got a little distracted there. (Dirk throws a nail file in the drawer)

Mr. X:   I couldn’t help but overhear your cry for help Policyholder.  Please note the condition one individual insurance policy places upon the family member:       

“Family member” means a person related to you by blood, marriage or adoption and whose principal residence is at the location shown in the declaration.

For coverage to technically apply the family member’s principal residence must be the one shown in the declaration page. Since your 22-year-old son is a resident of another state and his principal residence is not the resident address shown on your declaration page your insurance company could refuse to pay because your insurance company may no longer consider him an “insured” person.    

Your Solution to This Scenario?

If a son or daughter or other relative is no longer a resident of your household they must obtain their own personal automobile insurance policy.  (See your individual policy for details for terms, restrictions and or exclusions.)

Policyholder:  Thank you for explaining Mr. X.  By the way, how do you put up with those guys?

Mr. X:  That’s a whole other story.   

Dirk : You need a new insurance agent Policyholder, Click on Auto Insurance and our friends at Pathway Insurance will take real good care of you.

Canon: Excellent idea Dirk.


I Forgot to Add My Son

October 4th, 2012

Policyholder:  When my son Zach had his temps I called my insurance company see what my premium would be once he got his license.

It was going to be an extra $110 per month.  That’s highway robbery!!  Anyway one of my coworkers mentioned that since my cars are already insured on my policy, he would still be covered if he drove my car with my permission.  Is that right?

Canon:  Sounds right to me.

Dirk:  So is this a hypothetical question or has a claim occurred?

Policyholder:  Well what happened was he and his friends did take the car to McDonalds (with my permission of course) and they got in an accident.  The other two kids did get a little banged up and went to the emergency room.  I called it in and a few days later my insurance company sent me a letter denying the claim.

Canon:  Did they get to eat first?  They have good chocolate chip cookies son.

Dirk:  Let’s see.  Your car was covered but then they say it wasn’t covered.  Hmmm this is both perplexing and puzzling all at the same time.

Mr. X: Well actually gentleman the answer can be found in the policyholder’s insurance policy.  Let me show you how his insurance contract reads:     

Duty to report changes: 

You must promptly notify us when: 

  • Your mailing or residence address changes;
  • The principal garaging address for a covered auto or trailer shown on the declaration page changes;
  • There is a change with respect to the residents in your household or the persons who regularly operate a covered auto;
  • An operator’s marital status changes
  • You or relative obtain a driver’s license or operators permit;
  • You acquire an additional or replacement vehicle

Mr. X:  Unfortunately there is nothing that this policyholder can do about this particular accident.  Insurance companies rely on policy holders to advise them of the changes in circumstances listed above.  In the future he must add any and all drivers that are operating his vehicles and residents of his household to his insurance policy.  (Individuals must see their individual policies for terms, restrictions, and or exclusions.

Dirk:  Another insurance mystery solved sir!

Canon:  Onward to adventure and our next claim question!

Dirk : Sounds like you need a new insurance agent, Click on Car Insurance and our friends at Pathway Insurance will hook you up, or give them a call and tell them Dirk and Canon sent you.

Canon: That would be a good idea Dirk. Bad things happen when we pay a visit, I’m just saying.

Burst Pipe Water Everywhere!

October 4th, 2012

Question From Policy Holder:  I was in the middle of relocating to a home I purchased in Cincinnati (moved from Tennessee) and when I entered my new home there was water and debris everywhere.  A pipe had burst causing thousands of dollars of damage.  My insurance company sent me a letter denying my claim.  How can they do this?

DirkHow did this burst pipe happen?

Cannon:  Wasn’t us.

Dirk:  Of course he knows it wasn’t us.  We were busy burning down Betty’s house that day. Read the rest of this entry